You're still pretty f***ing DOPE

Posted on 11 February 2020

Even when we put down the dope     we are still dope!

When i got clean and sober one of the first thoughts i had was my life is over. I remember thinking i will never be able to have fun again. I remember thinking damn now i am gonna be a loser (Ironic thought for a homeless drug addict isn't it?). 

Well come to find out a little over 5 years later all those thoughts were false. I went from thinking i can never have fun again in my life too now i am having the most fun of my life. I went from thinking my life was over to now realizing my life has just begun. I went from thinking i was gonna become a loser to now i realize that is not the case. Funny how perspective and your environment can create false narratives. 

It's also crazy the thoughts we create because we are scared of the unknown. We are scared of being uncomfortable. 

All i know is now that i put down the dope no matter what anybody else says about me i know in my heart i am still dope. 

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