Is Doctor Bob the best superhero sidekick to ever walk this Earth?

Posted on 18 February 2020

 Robert Holbrook Smith aka Doctor Bob,

co founder of Alcoholics Anonymous was an American physician and surgeon who graduated from Dartmouth College in 1902. Dr. Bob later met Bill Wilson, a New York businessman and entrepreneur. Together they founded Alcoholics Anonymous on June 10, 1935.

My question is he the best superhero sidekick to ever walk this Earth? Now you might read this and ask why I am calling Bill W a superhero and Doctor Bob a superhero's sidekick.

Well let's look at the criteria for being a superhero's sidekick.  


1. Special abilities.

That gets a check mark, he had the ability to deal with thousands of addicts lol

2. Has the ability to save millions of peoples lives.

I think we can admit this one he gets a huge check mark because of co founding A.A. which has gone on to save millions of lives.

3. Dedicated to fighting the evil of their universe, protecting the public and battling super-villains.

Well I think we can argue that addiction is pure evil that is out to kill every person it comes in contact with and I would definitely argue addiction could be considered the worst super-villain to ever plague this Earth.


After reading the requirements above

I would think it's safe to assume that most of us would agree Doctor Bob is a superhero or at least a superhero's sidekick lol

The question now becomes is he the best sidekick to ever walk this earth?



Well this is a tough decision or opinion to make here because he has a lot of competition. We have to factor in Robin the boy wonder to "Batman", Bucky Barnes to “Captain America, War Machine to “Iron Man”, Abe Sapien “Hellboy” and even Casey Jones to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (Don't yell at me if I forgot your favorite sidekick because i just named some off the top of my head).

This is a list of excellent sidekicks who we all grew up to love and adore. The question is Doctor Bob the best out of them all though? Well if I remember correctly none of the sidekicks listed above to ever stand up or even have a chance against the main villain of their movies or shows. Also most of them have gotten their asses kicked once or twice if I remember correctly.

So in saying those two things and realizing Doctor Bob fought the main villain (addiction) head on and never got his ass kicked by addiction when battling the good fight once he got sober I have decided Doctor Bob is in fact the best Sidekick to ever walk this Earth!

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