Don't Be a menace to society be a menace in sobriety!

Posted on 04 February 2020

Man how life has changed.

Think about it I use to be a menace to society. The city i am from use to hate me because of all the trouble i caused their. Cops hated me, my family hated me, my friends hated me everyone literally hated the menace i had become. In all realty i don't blame them either. 

When i was using i would have literally did anything to get high. I would have harmed anyone and anything that got in my way. I would have robbed anyone and everything to get high. I was homeless. I was always plotting my next move to get high. At the end of the day i was a complete and literal menace to society smh.

As i said above man how life has changed. 

Now that i am clean and sober i realized i have changed in many ways but a lot of my old behaviors have stayed the same. Nowadays i am what society would consider a successful member of society and in many ways this is true. In saying that i am also aware i am a menace in sobriety now as well. 

What do i mean by this? Maybe me being a rebel is a better word to use. I have worked the steps, went to meetings, had a sponsor etc etc. I always find away to do it my way tho. I am the guy in the rooms who likes to go against the grain which has been known to rustle some feathers once in a while. A lot of people like to preach you have to do things one way and one way only but what they didn't know about me is i don't get along with authority very well. I don't like being told what to do either.

I may listen to suggestions but personally i maybe listen to half of them. The funny thing is when i choose not to listen to half of them i face major consequences every time but hey i am a rebel so that doesn't stop me from making those mistakes again. I think i just love living in chaos. 

At the end of the day

there is multiple ways to work a program of stay clean and sober. Just do what's best for you with a little guidance from someone else with experience. Some say being a menace to sobriety is a bad thing but i think it's just the fun way. I mean who likes walking a narrow thin line all the time? Sometimes we just need to let loose and cause a little trouble :)


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