Posted on 07 November 2019


The holidays are a time of joy for most families. A time to spend time making memories, exchanging gifts and laughs, and truly enjoying each others company. Unfortunately for some this isn't the case.

For example the addict in their first year of recovery. For us this can be one of the hardest times of the year. For many new in recovery, our families are still trying to heal from the damage we caused during our addiction.

The holiday season is a time we might feel neglected because it's hard for us still to take accountability for the harm we may have caused. The first year is a growing process and more then likely it will be a bumpy road. When we get to the holiday season our first year we may experience confusion, anger, sadness and many other emotions especially for those of us who can not be home for the holidays for whatever reason.

For many who are still learning to deal with our emotions without drugs, this time of year can trigger a relapse. Many of us relapse this time of year due to feeling sorry for ourselves or not knowing how to cope with our emotions. If you know someone in early recovery check on them this holiday season. You'd be shocked how much one phone call can help. One phone call can let a newcomer know they are cared and we have been in the same situation.

If you stick around you'll find most of the time our families forgive with time. We earn our way back into their lives day by day, through action not words. Keep your head up it works if you work it!

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