Remember how far you've come!

Posted on 05 September 2019

Being a survivor!
Many people go through struggles in life but addiction may be one of the most tedious battles to overcome. If you have overcome active addiction give yourself a pat on the back, not many make it out alive. How many people do you know that's been through hell and came back stronger? How many people have tried to dance with the devil just to get burned?

How many have been brought to their knees begging for mercy only to stand up and make a change? Not many can relate. Very few people can survive what we have faced and overcame.

Many of us dealt with trauma, pain, loss of hope, suicidal thoughts and more. Those who get up and make a change to stop the never ending cycle, become outstanding productive members of society.

Many addicts/alcoholics will go from robbing society to giving back to their communities in a positive way. Next time you think about beating yourself up because of your past, remember how far you have come! Reflect on all the leaps and steps you have taken. Look at the beautiful families we have created, the inspiration you give to others. Tell your story in hopes you can help someone else.

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