Substitution is one hell of a drug!

Posted on 07 January 2020

When we put down the drugs it gets interesting!

Don't worry, we are going to avoid the character defects talk today. Instead let's talk about how drugs aren't our real problem. WE ARE! 

Follow me here with out getting to deep on this one. For most of us when we put down the drugs we pick something else up instead. We substitute! 

Now you might be new to this and sitting there thinking to yourself what is this guy talking about? Or you might have been around for awhile now and your laughing to yourself while reading this saying damn this is so true. Personally the longer i stick around the funnier i find things like substitution.

We get clean & sober and now all of sudden we think we are fixed.

We'll let me stop you now no we don't get fixed. We just find a solution that helps us not pick up for one day at a time. 

We soon find out drugs we're not our real problem. We find out our minds and impulses were tho. A lot of us find that we need some sort of vises to deal with everyday life. We need something to use as a crutch. 

For some of us that could be working out, having sex, playing video games, reading books or even becoming a coffee connoisseur! Lmfao

What ever becomes our new vise i find it funny. I find our addict/alcoholic minds very fascinating. It's like our mind speaks to us.

"I can't have drugs so instead let me pick up this other habit i have to depend on"  Mind you're sure a jokester aren't you. 

Whatever your new vise may be there is nothing wrong with it enjoy it. All i ask is when doing whatever yours is, just stop pause and think about your new vise while in the process. Internalize and laugh to yourself about it. In reality it's funny because we can't help ourselves or control ourselves from doing it. So mine as well laugh about it. 

Personally my new vise has become coffee aka caffeine.

Definitely not the healthiest one to pick up but without coffee in the morning i mine as well turn into Godzilla and destroy Tokyo! I just can't simply function without it.

I can 100% admit i am dependant on coffee. If coffee disappeared tomorrow i feel like i would die! (not really guys but you know what i mean) And if you think i can deal with people with out it you are WRONG! I can't. I would probably go on a killing spree lmfao

Anyway i am rambling to much now. My point was just laugh in life. Laugh at your flaws. Laugh at your new vises. Realize we put one down just to pick another one up! 

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