Be a leader not a follower. I choose to go against the grain!

Posted on 14 January 2020

In life we should learn to be leaders not followers.

Now i understand some of you might be thinking not everyone can be leaders which is true. In saying that it doesn't mean we shouldn't be ourselves and not follow the crowd or majority of society. 

There is also a lot of people reading this who are in denial that they follow others because something is "IN" or because something is the new "Trend". 

Remember the first step of recovery is surrender and that is followed by acceptance and no longer being in denial. It's very natural for most of us to want to follow trends or what's in at the moment because we want to be informed on what's cool or going on with the younger generation. I mean who doesn't want to be considered "COOL or "IN"? 


I think where a lot of us get this wrong is what is important to follow and what's a stupid trend to follow. Also who is it we are trying to follow. 

For example if you are following someone let's say like gary vee who tries to teach you how to be successful in life, pay your bills and truly just be yourself and live happily that makes sense to follow a person like that.

Now if we are talking following the new rapper who is talking about killing people, using drugs and flossing money that they really don't have i might question why you are truly following?

Gary vee is truly living what he is speaking about when most rappers are not. One promotes good responsible things in life and one promoters negative things that they don't even have themselves. See the difference?

Now don't get me wrong

i'm not telling you not to listen to rap music because even i love thuggin out listening to Jeezy/T.I. going to the grocery store but i also don't try to be "COOL" and go do those things anymore. I have grown up like most of you have. 

At the end of the day i guess what i am trying to say is be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone your not. The most important thing i have learned in life is self acceptance. Other people's opinions do not matter. I don't have to follow what's in to be "COOL". I can do my own thing and be happy with who i am and what i'm doing. As long as my family, kids & friends love me that's all that matters. I care less about what trends are going on in the world right now because i know in a year or two they will fade away like always. 

I am that guy who always goes against the grain and just does me without caring what others think. I suggest you do the same. 

Being yourself is being a leader at the end of the day!

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