$300 T-Shirts....SAY WHAAAAAATT???

Posted on 10 September 2013

Yeah that's bullshit. I am not saying that I know better than other people, I'm just saying that if you spent $300 for a t-shirt, your a fucking idiot and you should jump off a cliff.

This little gem is the Pusha T X Marcelo Burlon T-Shirt. If you spend $300 on this shirt, you got robbed. Just think that all the people out there struggling, and all the things we can do with our money to help one another, and some jackass is spending $300 on an ugly ass T-Shirt. Really makes me shake my head.

Pusha T and whoever else runs in his posse should really reconsider this. If I were them I would really contemplate what they are doing here. Obviously fashion, and music is not their forte. 

The sad truth is, people are definitely going to spend money on this bullshit. 

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