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Posted on 05 September 2013

When we wake up in the morning one of the very first situations that may plague some of us is what the hell to put on! No matter how many days we go through this constant inner struggle we seem to figure it out and somehow manage to make it through our day. 

One thing to remember when it comes to picking out your daily attire is that you must wear the clothes, NEVER let the clothes wear you! A great example of wearing clothes is someone who understands their body type and what may or may not cater to their build. The beautiful thing about humans is that we’re all unique, but that can also be the largest issue when it comes to shopping for clothes. Anyone interested in fashion or how to make an outfit work you MUST know your body type, if you are a slim guy with an athletic build then the shirts that fit those jack diesel guys in the gym will not fit you. Make sure you try on your clothes multiple times when you’re shopping because strangely enough shirts never seem to fit the same way twice.

One common mistake made by a large portion of society is that the more expensive the article of clothing, the better it looks on you. Well that’s a bunch of bullshit, if you know any real fashionistas then you know that they rarely wear anything with a logo.  You don’t have to over spend to get the best dressed award! Simply pick what you know works for you and roll with it. Everyone’s style is different and that’s what makes up for all the different styles we see every day.

This portion should be the most enjoyable for everyone reading this article. SHOES!!! Yes I know that’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Your shoes are a statement of your entire personality. If you see someone with a torn up, beat down pair of park hoppers (that’s what I call shoes that look like shit) with a nice shirt and expensive jeans then please for the love of fashion help them! Wear shoes that represent you, the more flashy the better (if that’s your style), if you have a much more mild personality then wear a darker color shoes but make sure the shoe you’re  wearing isn’t the same shoes you mow the grass in every Saturday. People must understand that no matter how much you spend on your outfit you can still get the same looks and attention as the guy in the $1,000 shoes.

Most importantly, don’t let anyone else tell you how to dress. Wear what you like, wear what you think is cool. Trend setters are considered trend setters because they do what they want, regardless of how outlandish it may be. Andre 3000 is a great example of this.

Do you! Wear what you like! If you rock your gear proudly, then you will be considered fashionable. Funny how that works.

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