Winter Time Blues

Posted on 11 September 2013

Winter is creeping up on us, and this means no more tank tops or flip flops. However, this doesn't mean that the men out there need to resort back to the same old winter jacket and boots. As men, it becomes more of a task in the winter to put an outfit together. Well here here are some tips and ideas for you to keep your winter attire as comfortable and good looking as the summer stuff that comes naturally to us.


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First we must understand that we have thousands of options available to us and usually we overlook them. One of the easiest ways to remain casual but keep up a good appearance is the use of jackets and trendy coats. No matter what you plan on wearing when you get into the comfort of a heated building, you can always throw on a nice jacket for when you’re in the cold that’s fitted to your body type, keep in mind that this jacket doesn't have to match the shirt your wearing. It's more of a cover up for your actual outfit.

Secondly, the use of hoodies is definitely something that we enjoy to wear because it’s comfortable. Keep in mind there are other more trendy options that may allow you to leave your jacket at home. Standard solid color sweatshirts with no design or hood can go great with any kind of shoes or boots. You still feel comfortable and its more professional than a hoodie. Remember that just because its comfortable doesn't mean it looks good.

When men get dressed in the morning, they always wonder about what women will think about their appearance. Being well groomed is definitely part of looking good, but in order to attract women, you should try to stand out. You should try to be different and have a different look than everyone else. One advantage you can use, that most men don’t use is COLOR!! When you use color properly it’s going to naturally attract the eye because it’s different and exciting. Don’t be scared to throw some color into your winter wardrobe.

Remember guys, there are plenty of options available to us. Be creative and do your best to make the best first impression possible!!

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