New Lyfe Clothing Is Teaming Up With Sober Nation

Posted on 02 March 2015

It's been a long time coming, but New Lyfe Clothing is officially teamed up with the nationally acclaimed website Sober Nation.

At our core, we feel that New Lyfe Clothing Co. is a recovery based brand. We plan to incorporate all types of messages and ideals in our design concepts in the future, but we will never forget where we come from.

Sober Nation is the countries largest online community of people in recovery, and is a huge resource to anyone who may be in need of help. Their following is very home grown and organic and it's awesome to see the interaction of people on their Facebook page.

We think this is a perfect match. We have no intentions of changing our style or our personality for the sake of growing the New Lyfe brand. As we said, Sober Nation is really considered to be strengthened by the actual fans of the brand, so we know that we will fit right in. We are more concerned with pleasing our own fans than we are pleasing anyone else. 

The Sober Nation store is completely filled with many of our strongest and most popular designs, however we know that this store will eventually be completely filled with products encompassing all aspects of recovery. Soon we expect to see jewelry, books, pants and lots more! 

We can't explain how excited we are for this. Eventually we hope that we can get other stores and addiction professionals to carry our line. We know that we will continue to grow, and the recovery culture continued to get stronger in our lives and in our society!

We appreciate you all. Take flight!

- The Beeteam


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