Designing an Outfit for the Stay Young Tee Shirt - Fashion Friday

Posted on 27 February 2015

Tee Shirt

The Stay Young New Lyfe tee is a classic design that shouts a great message. No matter what your age, we believe that you are only as young as you feel. This tee is lightweight and very comfortable. The shirt can translate well to casual days, nights or can be the center piece for a stylish outfit depending on what you wear with it. We will help you put your outfits together.


For pants we can't think of anything more perfect than the Kennedy Weekender Gray Denim Jogger pants. The grey color is perfect to break up the matching white and blue colors in the shirts and the sneakers. Kennedy joggers are stylish, casual and comfortable.


Nothing could tie this outfit better than the Military Blue Jordan 4's. This legendary sneaker hasn't been released in years. If you are lucky enough to have gotten your hands on a pair of these gems, than you better take care of them. 

Regardless, the "Stay Young tee is a perfect match for the Military Blue Jordan 4's. If you step out of the house wearing this get up, you will be reppin New Lyfe to the fullest.

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