These Brownsville Kids Are Creating Something Beautiful

Posted on 26 February 2015

One of the underlying messages behind New Lyfe is perseverance, getting through hard times, and turning struggle into strength. These kids in Brownsville New York are a perfect representation of that.

Brownsville is commonly referred to as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York.

Yes, it may have a past riddled with violence, crime, and addiction, but community leaders are garnering the support of local teens and young people — who have their own storied pasts — and giving them the opportunity to change the tide of their future.

A New Kind of Housing Project

When most people think of housing projects, they think of ugly brown building, high rise apartments and fences. This may have some accuracy behind it, but the Groundswell art project is changing that. Walk down Pitkin Avenue and you will see how. 

The organization is teaming up with the NYC Department of Probation to make this happen. Also, they have received a $100,000 dollar grant from National Endowment for the Arts. Proof that there are still good people out there who believe in the positive power of creativity. 

Building Leadership In Youth

This project is doing great work in building the confidence and leadership capabilities for kids who may not have the most opportunities. Art is proven to build confidence, give a means of self expression and build up community as well as society.

Other famous art projects have proven great results. The city of Philadelphia is world renowned for their street art and beautiful murals. Let's hope this project has a similar effect.

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