Blake Little Photographs People Completely Covered In Honey - And It's Beautiful

Posted on 03 March 2015

"For Blake Little’s latest work, “Preservation,” Little executes a simple premise and a singular technique in which his mostly unclothed subjects are covered in gallons of honey while being photographed in the studio. It’s unwieldy, and evidence of that carries through into the pictures, in the faces and bodies of the models and in the dramatic configurations of the honey itself -- all serving to highlight this unique creative process further. Though the most profoundly transformative magic of Preservation resides in the book’s finished portfolio of images, it is still impossible for the viewer to avoid an empathetic moment deconstructing how it was done at every turn."

- Juxtapoz Magazine

I never thought of honey as being so artistic. At first I thought this concept of photgraphs was a little strange, but there is no doubt that the honey does give some semblance of preservation. It reminds me of Jurassic Park, when the mosquitos were fossilized in Amber.

The photograph of the ballerina is especially beautiful, and it's just another example of how amazing creative people can take something so abstract and turn it into beautiful art.

Blake Little has also published a book entitled "Manifest," in which he looks to capture what it is to be a man in photographs. I sense that Blake Little has in infatuation with human form and what it is to have a soul buried in these flesh machines that we walk around in. 

Beautiful work.

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