Addicts and Alcoholics have a knack for surviving CORONAVIRUS 2020

Posted on 07 April 2020

In the midst of all this chaos caused by the Coronavirus us addicts are known to survive and thrive in Chaos!

Right now we are living in what some might call the craziest time of recent human existence. The Coronavirus has quickly brought most of our country to its knees showing no mercy. A question we have is where did this virus really come from? Did someone really eat a wild bat and start this all? Was it made in a lab in China as biological warfare? Is the new 5g towers causing this? Or most likely did our own selfish human nature bring this on ourselves?

We think it's safe to say no one yet knows what to think or believe. I mean there are hundreds of conspiracy's over this virus right now. It's hard to choose what to listen to or believe honestly. More often we personally choose to believe in facts but right now it is kind of easy to fall into the conspiracy trap. All we know is hopefully soon we will have an answer and solution to this virus in hopes that our country can get back to normal. 

We will admit even we are personally scared as most. Not only does this effect businesses and people's jobs but it you look at the facts this virus is killing 20% more than the common flu. Case are skyrocketing quickly as well. In all honesty i think most of us realize this is gonna get worse before it gets better. 

Here is a plus side to all this chaos. US addicts and alcoholics are natural survivors and thrive in times of chaos. Think about it we have all literally walked through the depths of hell multi times and made it out to live to tell about it. Now yes we have lost a lot of fallen soldiers in the process (R.I.P. to our fallen) but those of us who have survived are made for times like now. When the times get tough and desperate most of us have the mentality to survive and do what we must to keep pushing forward. Most of us are resourceful in times like this as well. Most of us can turn  nothing into something. 

So in saying all of this remember if you see no light at the end of the tunnel right now keep faith and hope close. We will make it through this and come back stronger than ever. Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands and hold tight. 


We will survive! 

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