Reports are saying addicts & alcoholics are relapsing at an alarming rate during this quarantine.

Posted on 14 April 2020

Stay strong and pick up the phone!

There are tons of reports coming out that addicts and alcoholics are currently relapsing at an alarming rate during this time of chaos & quarantine. To us this is scary & something we don't like to see. If i'm being honest i get it trust me being locked up in your house. Being scared because none of us understand what's going on with this virus. I can see how getting high looks appealing & could mask the pain and fear for a couple hours, days, weeks but that's not what recovery taught us.

I think for a lot of us including myself need to take the time to get back to the basics. I think a lot of us including myself need to play the tape backwards and realize getting high will do absolutely nothing to help you right now. Actually in reality it will do nothing but harm you. Not only will it leave you with way less money but please remember it could kill you. Our brains like to forget this part.

Something i have been doing everyday since this started is sitting back & thinking about what i am grateful for in my life today. I sit back and realize how far i have come in life since getting clean & sober. I find by doing this that it limits those thoughts of getting high. 

When i scroll my newsfeed on social media platforms usually all i see is false information, people are scared and mass hysteria. Fear is our biggest enemy and don't forget that. 

If i can give you anything or one piece of advice i don't want you all to forget it's remember we are strong, we are vigilant, we are brave and we had the courage to beat and seduce addiction. If you're struggling in believing in yourself just know we at NEW LYFE CLOTHING believe in everyone of you. We believe you strong and you will do what it takes to make it out of this crazy situation we're in.


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  • Noel: June 01, 2020

    Yes , I agree! If you have made it out to the other side don’t let these times send you back… You guys are warriors , you have been to the bottom and some of us made it our home for a long time. But we didn’t stay, we climbed , scratched and pulled ourselves out of the darkness. This is when you should shine , use what you have learned in recovery and from life to help those that don’t have the foundation of rock bottom to stand on. It is one second that adds up to a minute , to an hour and then a day… Reach out and take it minute by minute if you have to. But don’t give up, your worth fighting for… Keeo it Simple❤️

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