The Best Sober Tee Shirts and Sobriety Tee Shirt Designs

Posted on 12 March 2018

Over the years, New Lyfe has gone in a lot of different directions. I have experimented with different designs, slogans, cultures and vibes. At the end of the day, we are a sober shirt line.

The primary message behind our shirts has been about sobriety and positive living.

I've never liked the idea of shoving sobriety in people's faces. I've tried my best to be subliminal and create designs that can speak to a wide range of people. 

But let's not get it twisted. Sober tee shirts have been the back bone of what we do.

I have put together a list of our most popular sober tee shirts.

Original Gangster Shirt - Tribute to Bill W

This shirt has always been a hit. This is the design that really put New Lyfe clothing on the map.

I hate to say it, but this design has been ripped off so many times by almost every sober tee shirt line that has come and come. But true to form, The Original Gangster design continues to be the longest lasting and speaks the biggest message.

This sober tee shirt speaks to the AA advocates in the group. AA is not for everyone, but you still need to give it up to the OG.

Dopeless Crew

We first came up with this idea years ago. At the time, we were all working out of the back room of a marketing office we had started.

New Lyfe was at the beginning stages. This is where the Dopeless Crew formed.

At the time, there was a huge trend in shirt designs that said "Dopeless Hope Fiend." I liked the concept, but it didn't feel original to us. We wanted to come up with something that was unique to us. We wanted to come up with something that could be ours and ours alone.

With that, our second most popular sober tee shirt design has originated. I remember Butcher saying it out loud and it just clicked.

"What about Dopeless? We could call ourselves the Dopeless Crew?"

We have turned this design into shirts, hoodies and recently put it over on a hat.

Grab yours below.

The HERO Design

We honestly had no idea that this design would make the waves that it did.

Years ago, our friend Skylar was the only person we knew who could use Photoshop. He created the design for us in a few hours.

As soon as we released this design we started selling shirts. It is simple, but clearly the design speaks a message that can resonate with a lot of recovering addicts, especially those who have been affected by the opioid crisis.

This design means a lot to me. Ironically, the man who created the design passed away from a heroin overdose.

This design is dedicated to those we've lost and to ones who have used their struggle to spread the message.

Those are the heros.

The Dr. Is In Shirt - Tribute to Doctor Bob

I still think this is the coolest shirt I have ever made. Although the sales haven't reached the magnitude as the other sober tee shirt designs, I still look at it and smile.

I give myself a little pat on the back like "yeah good job Tim."

12 steppers know that Doctor Bob is the co-founder of AA. This shirt is a mashup between Dr Bob's portrait and the album cover of Doctor Dre's iconic album "The Chronic."

The irony is sudble but is well worth mentioning.

One of hip hop's (and one of my favorite) all time albums is mashed together to speak a message of hope and recovery.

It doesn't get better than that.

Music is My Drug

Last up on the list, is my personal favorite New Lyfe shirt. I wear this shirt all the time and I love walking around in it.

It's a clear message and one that everyone can relate to.

Who doesn't feel elation when listening to the music they love? Do you know one person on this earth that doesn't like music? Or that could say that music doesn't get them high? 

I can't.

Music is a drug and it always will be. Check it out.

Do You Know of Any Others?

Now is the time to spread the love. If you know of any other sober tee shirt designs, let us know about them in the comments below. No worries about promoting your own brand or a friends clothing line. I don't mind. It's all about spreading the love and positive message.

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  • Maggie: July 18, 2019

    I love love all of the T Shirts. I can’t wait to get one!!

  • Lloyd Weeks: July 18, 2019

    The other guys I’m nine and a half years sober and I’m a very big guy and I would like to buy some of your shirts but I’m a 6X is there any way that if I bought a bunch of different designs that I could get you to make them in a 6X?

  • Lloyd Allen Weeks: July 18, 2019

    Hey got a question I am9.5yrs sober and am.a large guy like 6x large do you make or can you make shirts this size if I buy a bunch?

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