Don't listen to fear it's a liar

Posted on 11 July 2019

The one emotion that holds us back from moving forward. One of few emotions that can prevent us from attempting new ideas. It causes us to be scared of failure, which by the way is the most proven way to succeed. So many of us believe the lies that fear puts in our heads, we get scared of what other people will think or say. This is what fear does to normal people. Now let's talk about what fear does to an alcoholic or addict. Apply all the things above and multiply by 1000%. When we're trying to change our life around, we fear all the lies in our head. We tell ourselves when we come into the rooms we can no longer have fun and our lives will be boring. Or that we can no longer chase after our dreams because we don't have drugs or alcohol giving us a false boost of confidence. These are the obstacles that our own mind tricks us into believing. We become so use to living life with drugs and alcohol that we LITERALLY believe our life ends when we choose to stop.

Fear will taunt you so much to a point that many would choose to remain miserable, homeless and using rather than give up the fight and following a simple way of life. Think about that for a second. Fear is so baffling that it tricks us to stay sick instead of getting the help to make us better. We would rather risk death. That is insanity.

The longer we stay clean and sober we start to realize that this fear is not real. We start to realize the lies are just what they are lies. Look at the newcomers struggling to be employable and then within a year or two owning their own businesses. Look how many of us go out and chase our dreams, how many of us learn to save money, buy houses, buy cars, get into healthy relationships and start families. We learn what real friendship is, and can mend broken bonds with family members.

We need to realize fear is a liar. Set goals, work hard, and kick ass! The future is yours!

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