New Lyfe Is Setting Up Shop in Columbus Ohio

Posted on 08 August 2016

It's amazing to see how far we have come and how deep the recovery community is.

It's great to know that wherever we go, we have a family.

We are officially announcing our new department in Columbus Ohio. Josh and I have worked out a partnership with Ohio Addiction Recovery Center. We are providing gear for the clients that have graduated and are passionate about continuing their recovery.

It's time we took this to the next level.

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I love getting the Facebook and Instagram messages from people asking when we are coming through their town, but it has been hard to tell them that we don't really travel. After talking about it over the weekend, we have decided to start attending recovery events. We have booked a bunch of events that I will keep you guys posted on.

For now, you can always count on finding your favorite designs live on the website. However, we are going to be dropping by a lot of recovery events across the country and we would love to meet you all there.

Most importantly, if you would like to book us for an event, please contact We are committed to getting out there and meeting all the faces of recovery. Let's do this!


Tim and Josh #BeeTeam


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