Meet MC IMprint - Hip Hop's Window Into Recovery

Posted on 03 September 2016

mc imprint

MC Imprint and I have been "internet friends" for years. He first hit me up on Twitter in 2012 after the release of his first album.

Back then, I admit that I didn't imagine he would be seeing the kind of success that he is now. Truth be told, I get contacted by a lot musicians who want to get their art out there. Don't get me wrong, I respect the hustle. I'm simply saying that the chances of all of these artists succeeding are slim.

Brett Guidry, alias Imprint, understands strife. After his father passed away, he found solace on the streets and became hooked on drugs at a very early age. Progressing worse and worse, Imprint began chasing this illustrious lifestyle as a way to buffer his own problems and eventually ended up in custody fighting a six year bid in prison. Through these moments, he realized a change needed to happen.

Always a fan of music, it was not until he started creating his own brand of West Coast swagger that he finally found a way to channel his aggressions into a more positive light. Honing his craft in a rehabilitation center, Imprint cemented his now lifelong goal. As a member of the Mash Down Babylon community, he quickly embraced this new lifestyle and attacked the microphone with a zeal and a style that would only force other acts into envy.

After the release of his first album in January of 2011, “The First Impression” undoubtedly made it’s mark and set IMPRINT far apart from his contemporaries.

MC Imprint is a different breed. For one, he's got real talent which is most important. 

Next, his work ethic is sickening. Nothing is more important to success like drive. I haven't spoken to imprint in a while, but I assure you he has had some challenges. The difference between making it and almost making it is those few moments when you feel like giving up. He's muscled through like a champion.

Now, this isn't a glorified shoutout and I assure you Imprint hasn't given me a dime for this added publicity. I just simply respect his music, his message and him as a person.

Please check out his website to get more familiar with his music and to check out his national tour. All dates are listed on the website you can find by clicking this link.

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