Love all races, colors and religions equally!

Posted on 02 June 2020

2020 has been insane! 

This year has gotten crazier and crazier every single month. First Coronavirus, then came the murder hornets and now our whole country is on FIRE! With 7 full months left i sit here and think what is coming next? The way this year is going every month to two months i am now just expecting something new to shock the world. I wouldn't be shocked if this year they told us the aliens are invading. With how it's going we mine as well go get into an intergalactic war! Why not it can't get much worse lol smh. 

In saying all of that let's talk about the beauty of what's going on right now. After the cold blooded murder of George Floyd we have seen a major portion of our county riot and start burning cities down! To be honest i must admit as much as i don't like seeing violence i would say this is actually a good thing. Think about this for a second. When is the last time we have seen Black people and white people come together in unity and stand up for what they believe in with unity? Maybe we do need to overthrow the government to get change? Maybe this time violence is the only solution after peaceful protest have fallen on deaf ears. 

I might not agree with all the tactics being used in rioting but seeing us all come together for one cause is a beautiful thing. Now you don't have to agree nor i am gonna twist your arm to agree with my point of view. In all honesty most people would tell you me writing this blog post is company suicide but i don't care. I will always let people know where i stand. Where I stand is with my black brothers and sisters. I want to see them stop getting murdered in the streets. I want justice for the people who get wrongfully killed by cops. That means for all races, colors and religions. 

I don't know about you guys but i was raised to love all races, colors and religions the same. I was raised to not judge someone off the color of their skin but by their character. At the end of the day i stand against all injustices. If you disagree with this blog you have every right but what i will say is this. What happens when it happens to one of your loved ones or friends? You're gonna want the same thing to happen for their justice. So think about that before you disagree with what's going on in the world.

Myself & New Lyfe Clothing will always stand behind our brothers and sister in their time of need! Stay safe and we love you all.

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