Let music be your drug of choice to reach inner peace!

Posted on 19 May 2020


With some states still being closed and others starting to reopen it seems our society is under major stress. Tons of people don't know when they will get their next paycheck. Tons of people are now down to their last couple hundred dollars. Tons of people are getting worried how they will get food once they run out of money. We are living in crazy times but we should all be grateful we are still alive. 

For me personally one of the fews things that has helped relieve stress has been music. Music is the heartbeat to the universe and our souls. Even when going through traumatic times music can put a smile on your face and help relieve the pain in that moment. Music has the power to bring us back to our childhoods and remember all the fun dumb things we did and make us laugh. Music can help us deal with death. Music can help us get through break ups. Maybe even putting on some Bob Marley could help us realize right now that everything little thing will be alright. (<See what i did there? lol)

I know to pass time i have been going back and listening to all my favorite bands and remembering why i love them so much. It brings up a crazy range of emotions when i do this, I have personally found it therapeutic. Music could be your therapy or remedy through these times if you just give it a chance. 

We hope all is well. We love you all. 

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