Find your inner Buddha!

Posted on 16 June 2020

When i was young there is no way i would have thought i would be searching for inner peace one day!+

Looking back i always find it funny how young and dumb i was. I look back on my views when i was young and say to myself now what were you thinking? I think it is safe to say most of us go through this in life. I would think it is also safe to say that we were all young and dumb at one point in our lives. I mean most people that follow us are addicts/alcoholics so yes i think my statement is correct.
The growth and change as we get older and clean and sober is an amazing thing to reflect on and especially amazing to watch from an outside perspective. Maturing and growth as getting older is like watching a caterpillar go in a cucun and come out a beautiful butterfly. 
When we are young we want to fit in, we want to be cool, we want to follow all the new "COOL THINGS" going on in the world. Not to sound old but i would say we wanted to be hip. Most of us cared way to much about other people's opinions of us. When we get older we realize their opinions don't matter. All that matters is what we think of ourselves. 
The more I grow i seem to be on this quest to find true inner peace. Sometimes i try to meditate, Sometimes people read a book. get a massage, play sports, play video games or even some people like me like to sit alone and think about life. All i know is now i value inner peace instead of what's cool nowadays! I value inner peace over a bigger paycheck. I even value inner peace so much nowadays i have learned to walk away from toxic relationships because i have learned to love and respect myself more than dealing with a situation like that. (Who would have thought lol) 
All i am trying to say is find what makes you happy. Find whatever it is that takes you to your inner peace. FIND YOUR INNER BUDDHA!

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