Posted on 23 June 2020

We all have that one friend that has put us in a terrible crazy situations before. Their response is usually BUT DID YOU DIE?

Now you might read this and laugh about all the young, stupid and dumb things we did with our friends when we were younger. I agree they are funny and worth a good laugh. Here is the thing tho. Now that we are older have you ever looked back and thought about them again but this time realize HOLY CRAP I COULD HAVE REALLY DIED?

Got your attention there didn't I? Don't worry i have done this too and even after realizing how close i was too dying i still can't help but laugh because well I am still alive. The more I reflect the more I personally realize i should have died many many times by now. I guess you could say something or someone has been looking after me. Whatever you want to call that something or someone call it as you may. I feel i have been spared because i serve a purpose that i don't understand yet. 

Maybe i am suppose to deliver a message of my crazy story and how i somehow survived? Maybe i am suppose to have kids and raise them to be the best people they can be and help others? Who knows what my purpose is. All i know is i am still here and kicking alive and well. Maybe some day i will learn the reason why. 

All i know is when i talk to my old friends and bring up how they almost killed us multiple times the only response i get is "BUT DID YOU DIE" lol

After reading this share this with your friend who has almost killed you and have a good laugh today! 


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