Announcing the RAW With Emotion Tour

Posted on 08 September 2016

As many fo you know, New Lyfe has recently sponsored a record label. The label is called Recovering Artists Worldwide.

We are so proud and excited to announce that they are officially going on a national tour. They have booked 8 tour dates over the course of 12 days in 5 different cities. The tour is headlined by Joe Nester, Bobble and Jenna Nichole.

"RAW's mission on this tour is to spread knowledge on the heroin epidemic in our country right now through great music. RAW finds it sad that so many beautiful people are passing from OD's in our country. We feel that with the voice of all our signed artists have that we should use it to spread a positive light on the situation. Our goal on tour is to get 1 newcomer to hear our message and hopefully help him see the light that change is possible."

After Chris (Bobble) and I have gotten to know each other, seeing the passion in which he works on the label is inspiring. It's just another example of how when people find recovery, they start building the tools and the confidence necessary to go after what it is they want.

Watching their music and audience grow has been amazing.

Truth be told, I didn't expect to see so much awareness around the record label. These things take time. But over the last two months their social media presence, their network, and their music has all grown by leaps and bounds.

Joe Nestor is getting tens of thousands of views on his music videos. Bobble is rocking performances with his stage presence. They frequently go on Facebook live to give people and inside scoop on what they are doing.

It's awesome. 

To get a full list of their tour dates, check the flyer below. 

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