New and Improved Inventory So You Can Rep Your Recovery in Style

Posted on 18 November 2015

sober clothing

Every day we try to find ways to improve.

Ou next endeavour has been to bring the quality of our product up another level.

Here's the deal. Since the beginning, we have been using Next Level apparel. I like Next Level, the fit of the shirt has always been great. But there have been some issues that have bothered me tremendously.

For instance, they come with the flimsy rip off tag in the back. That tag always rubbed me the wrong way. With all the hard work we put into this, the last thing I want is to appear amateur. For those who are into t-shirts, it is common knowledge that a rip off tag is the first sign of a cheap apparel company. Not us!

Next, we would print our designs with a local printer. The printer is called Atlas Embroidery. They have done great work for us, but I have gotten a few emails saying that the ink would fade after a few washes. I couldn't take it any longer.

From this point forward, we are working directly with Pukka.

It is a one stop shop. The shirts themselves are lighter and better quality. The ink is water based and won't fade in the wash. The sizes along with the logo are now printed on every shirt. No more rip off tags! They look amazing!

To celebrate, we are re-releasing our favorite collection! The Sober Street Wear collection is back and in full effect.

The sober street wear collection is and has been a tribute to the underground street culture. The Original Gangster tee and both versions of the Dopeless Crew tees are now available and are printed on the new higher quality product!

You will not be disappointed. That is a promise!

As always! Shipping in the U.S. is free. 

I hope you are as excited as I am and we look forward having you as part of our family!



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