The Sober Life is now Sober Nation Clothing

Posted on 06 November 2015

More exciting news from Sober Nation!

Just recently, another addition was made to the SNC family. The popular recovery line, The Sober Life, has recently been brought under the Sober Nation Clothing umbrella.

It was a very unexpected acquisition.

The Sober Life was founded by Joey Walker. Joey and I have collaborated a few times in the past and always kept in touch through Instagram. 

Recently, Joey and I had a conversation about the t-shirts and ways to expand the message. Joey stated that "the business end of The Sober Life has become too time consuming for his life." Joey elaborated that he wants to focus on the splendors of raising his two sons.

He also stated that he receives great joy from writing and creating concepts that help inspire and provide hope for his brothers and sisters in the sober community. Therefore, he and I agreed he would continue to share his writing and art as part of the Sober Nation brand.

Sobriety has given Joey the gift of an amazing relationship with his two sons. Joey's youngest son, Liam, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder two years ago. Joey has devoted much of his time as a single autism Dad helping his son along a complex path. I have a ton of respect for his deduction to being the best Dad he can be.

He felt that the best decision was to give the intellectual property of The Sober Life's website, art, and t-shirts to Sober Nation so his creative works could continue to live, and he could concentrate on his children and creative aspects of the sober life.

Joey and I talked for almost an hour. I offered him everything I could to try and give back to him for his generous offer, he refused.

Joey will continue to be involved. We are going to continue sharing Joeys awesome art and inspirational writing through the Facebook and Instagram accounts. He's super talented and insightful and I know we will all get a lot out of his art.

As Joey and I finished our discussion, we ended the conversation by expressing how grateful we are to be part of this community. How amazing it is that we are part of something that is so giving and so inspiring. My gratitude can not be measured.

Stay tuned for some more changes coming to SNC and the growth of our brand. We can't wait to see what the future holds.

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  • Ruben J Solis: November 10, 2015

    I actually know Joey and his son’s…….. How great a FATHER he is and congrats on this endeavor

  • Jay Beeler: November 09, 2015

    Sober since 5/2/15 and doing great if I can do it anybody can Trust Me Thanks

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