Juan's Best Friend Was Murdered, But He Stays Sober To Carry The Message

Posted on 28 October 2015

juans story of sobriety

I was terribly immersed in alcohol abuse and drugs, poverty and misery.

I suffered many difficulties throughout my time drinking and abusing drugs. I got shot in my leg, hospitalized and put in prison 4 times. I struggle with my family and almost lost all contact with my son.

I entered the process of recovery about a year ago and I am proudly back on track. I am about to get a good job, I talk to my son more often and my family fully supports me. My mom even cooked for today's celebration at my local AA anniversary celebration!

It's been a hard journey. I never thought I would be here. I honestly believed that at any moment I would die in my addiction.

This past August a friend of mine who I drink and drug with brutally murdered in one of Nicaragua's highways. He was clearly too drunk to acknowledge the danger. That really impacted me, we were roommates and although we did some bad things, he was a really great friend of mind. We were in the streets together and finally he got killed.

I am very sad by the loss of my friend. Fortunately, I am still around to tell his story and mine. I desperately don't want go back to my previous life, and I look forward to what beautiful things life has to offer.

I am sending my before and after picture, this one, was taken today after my job interview for a position at a regional firm.

I will remain sober for what's left of my life. I will try to do my best to bring onboard those that I know are having deadly problems with alcohol abuse and drugs.


Juan A.

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