How Bradley Cooper Inspired This Actress To Get Sober and Live Her Dream

Posted on 22 October 2015

natalie gets sober

I am a single mother of two girls. 20 and 14, with no support financially.I work as a caregiver to dementia patients, a hair stylist and I am also active in charitable events.

A little over four years ago I decided to become sober due to a physical injury that was causing me a lot of mental anguish, being on a slew of pain pills did not help.

I realize that I needed to change my life because depression was setting in and it was almost spiraled out of control as I contemplated taking my life.

After three months, I started physical therapy and started to see in a little bit of improvement but was still worried as the pain had worsened by walking.

I just kept my faith and prayed to God and ask God to keep me strong and that I would give up drinking if God granted me the power to stop drinking.

During this time, I viewed a special program called inside the actors studio with Bradley Cooper, when he claimed he was sober. I then had an epiphany that being sober could not only lead me to a healthier lifestyle but help me see where my true destiny and future path is. After two years, I was able to change my career and slowly become an actress.

I am enjoying my new life with people that share the same interest. Finally, I get to be myself! No more clouded thoughts or depression!!!

I am loving life! Today, I am in post production for a screenplay / short film that I wrote called Cheathos A Political Comedy and will have a film premiere in Philadelphia area January 2016! I managed to raise funds doing four film fundraisers for this production.

I also managed to gather 30+ actors and crew members to help bring my vision into fruition! I hope I can encourage other people to follow their dreams and know that they have the power to do so!

I would be honored to have a spotlight on your page because it would not only show what we have the power to do, but would make my children proud of me that I've come this far!

Thank you,

with heartfelt wishes,


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  • Ed Subers: November 20, 2015

    Natalie, you are an inspiration. Really.

  • Natalie pagano: October 23, 2015

    I’m overwhelmed with the love and support from Sober Nation! Thank you so much for this gift!

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