Outcast Reunites of Coachella After 7 Years

Posted on 13 April 2014

There are mixed reviews coming back from this years epic Coachella performance headlined by Outkast. If you have and hour and a half to kill their full performance can be seen below.

After coming out strong with Bombs of Baghdad and following up with their timeless hit Gasoline Dreams - it was obvious that the duo was a bit rusty. In my eyes, that does very little to negate their performance.

The problem is that after the first third of their set, Andre 3000 leaves the stage while Big Boi spits a lot of his own solo tracks. Subsequently, Andre 3000 took some time to play a few songs of his own.

When the tandem came back together to play Roses - the energy completely changed. You could feel it in the crowd and also in the body language of Andre 3000 and Big Boi.

Either way, I would kill to be at this show. Outcast is a timeless group that truly defines individuality, creativity and perseverance. In my eyes Andre 3000 is one of the coolest mother fuckers to ever live, and Big Boi rap flow and rhyme scheme can never be duplicated. I hope they continue to play shows to shake the cob webs off.

There were also reports that the duo had to cut the set short because of the 1 AM curfew, and that left the end of the set feeling a little empty and anticlamactic. 

Regardless i was so thrilled to see these guys back on stage together. Could this be a sign of one more outcast album? Let's hope so!


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