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Posted on 04 April 2014

In recent weeks, we have spent hours working on our new designs. Designing is very difficult and a bit stressful because it can be hard to get an idea from your head and onto paper. Any artist will tell you, that the self criticism never ends. Very rarely do we look at a new design and say "that's perfect." It's a constant tweaking process.

We have been very fortunate with our design process because they have really been resonating with people, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Josh really is the creative genius behind the designs, and it has been a blessing for him to discover this natural talent of his. We are both very passionate about it because we are essentially telling the world who we are through our designs.

Recently, we printed a mock-up of one of our latest designs. The shirt went into production this past Wednesday. We call this shirt "Going Against the Grain."

Not all of the feedback has been positive. We know that we can't make everyone happy, truth is we really don't try to. No matter what we always do what feels right in our hearts first, and worry about satisfying other people afterwards. We have to feel good about what we do, and I gotta say - we think this design is fucking awesome.



We hope everyone pics up on the underlying message. It is modeled after a certain beer company. We replaced the verbiage to match the culture and message of New Lyfe. After brainstorming for a few hours, we finally came up with the slogan "going against the grain." As soon as it was said we all knew it was perfect.

First and foremost, it portrays who we are. The whole lot of us are a bunch of misfits that go against the grain in almost all walks of life. I for one have tried to fit into societal norms, and I just found myself uncomfortable. I am who I am, and we are who we are.

Secondly, the play on words lays in the idea that grain is a primary ingredient in beer and liquors. So the phrase can be taken quiet literally. "Going Against the Grain." It's so cool. 

As always, we stand by the idea that we aren't defined by our sobriety. Yes... we are sober, but we relate to all people who are fighters and who aren't afraid to be themselves. With that being said, this shirt is a direct message and statement. If you want to drink, have at it. I don't give a shit. With this shirt, we are simply saying that booz causes a lot more problems then it has ever solved.

We will let the shirt speak for itself. 

Should be on the shelves soon!

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