New Lyfe is Partnering with Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

Posted on 26 May 2016

new lyfe and ohio addiction recovery center

If you haven't heard by now, I recently made an announcement that we are going back to being New Lyfe Clothing. I wrote a long-winded reasoning and explanation for this on a recent Instagram post. I think it best to simply copy and paste the message. You can see it below. 


A few years ago, my friend @butchy_butch and I started this brand. The idea was to "be free" and that with hard work and authenticity you could be anything you want in this life.

Josh and I built this brand from the ground up and it was awesome. About a year ago, Josh moved back to his hometown in Ohio to start The Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, which is a men's drug and alcohol treatment center. He has been doing amazing work and I took over things here and it has been great.

The problem was that I thought it made more sense to gear the brand towards @sobernation which is a website I've created to help people with drug and alcohol addiction. I thought that sticking strictly in the sobriety niche made more sense, but that was wrong.

I love sobriety, I love recovery, and I love helping people. However, there is more to me than that. I've had a hard time with the concept of "Sober Nation Clothing" because it has cornered me into only making certain kinds of clothes. So today I am going back to my roots, going back to what it was that made "New Lyfe" such a success from the beginning.

I will still be active in the recovery scene, but I want to expand into all kinds of positive niches. I know that the right thing to do is to let New Lyfe Clothing grow the way it wants to, so the ‪#‎BeeTeam‬ is back. I have a tattoo of the bee on my arm for fucks sake. So does Josh. This is the right thing to do.

Stay tuned because shit is about to get real. I have been planning this for months and the infrastructure is built to crush this shit. Wait till you see what's about to happen. It will be a challenge to build the brand back up but I am so excited to get started.

Glad to be back. Stay sober. Stay healthy. Positive vibes only. Beeteam.

So here's the deal. Currently, Josh is still in Ohio running his amazing IOP. He has done incredible things in his local Columbus community and I am so fucking proud of him. He called me after this announcement and brought an idea to the table. It's a great idea.

Josh is going to get his treatment center involved with New Lyfe. Ohio Addiction Recovery Center is an all male facility that deals with a lot of young men with addiction problems. As we have said all along, New Lyfe is more than addiction recovery. It is about finding yourself, about having the courage to be the person you want to be, about not letting hardship hold you back. What better way to represent this than to get involved with young men who are just starting our their New Lyfe!!

God this is so fucking perfect I get so jacked up just thinking about it.

There is a shipment of shirts getting sent to Josh as we speak. Soon you will see amazing young men getting involved in the #BeeTeam message. They will have their new-found recovery, their new outlook on life and we will support them in providing a great life for themselves.

Clearly this is a message everyone can get behind. So let's show some love.

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