When The Magic Starts Working

Posted on 16 May 2016

when the magic starts working

Recently I celebrated two years clean, my drug of choice was alcohol and, very often, I mixed with any other drug I could reach. It is definitely some kind of miracle that I was able to remove that addiction from my life but I could not have done it all by myself, and every single day I try to be grateful for the sober folks I found along my path.

I think the magic starts working when you open yourself to the love offered by the recovery community and develop a strong sense of belonging, maybe for the first time in your whole life. 

To make an effort and start living by spiritual principles is worthwhile, it allows me restore my self-esteem and get rid of the fears that constantly clouded my head. At the beginning of this journey, I had my doubts and thought that nothing could beat the euphoria that my favorite drug gave me, and now I cannot believe I was in that state of mind because life is so much more interesting and funnier than any drug effect.

After a couple of years, I am not a wise wizard but I do understand better. It is clear to me now that my soul was sick, felt loveless, inadequate, and lonely. The easy way out of that misery was the drugs and I took the ticket to hell without hesitation. However, deep down I knew there was another way of life for me, and when I started asking for help, despite my big ego, everything changed for the better.

Nowadays, thanks to my high power and the crazy good-hearted people that I let in, I am closer to becoming the person I always wanted to be. I found a good job at a top rate agency, I am working on a long-lasting relationship, and I try to be a better human being each 24 hours.

Let us not forget though, the pink cloud sometime vanishes and problems arise, and it is possible to hit rock bottom on character flaws. The trick here is trying to avoid any difficulties due to our sickness; life on life’s terms brings enough challenges on its own, without us sabotaging ourselves.

Carlos F. Nicaragua.

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