New Lyfe's Favorite Albums of all time

Posted on 14 January 2014

Last time I did something like this we posted an article called New Lyfe's top ten books. It got posted on Reddit and everyone lost their shit because they didn't agree. So let it be known, we took a poll of everyone in the office and asked them what their favorite album is. If you dont agree with what we like, please keep that shit to yourself. Now... where to start?


Sacks Master (yes that is his real name)

Nas - Illmatic

"First off, Nas is hands down one of the best rappers to ever do it. He could even be the greatest of all time. Secondly, every song on that album tells a great story. It's really captures the struggle of trying to get out. It's leaps and bounds ahead of what they play on the radio today. Good music is still out there, but nothing on the level of "Illmatic"."



A Day to Remember - Common Courtesy

"They have always been my favorite band and their music is so easy to relate to for me. When I was using and didn't have hope, their music, and primarily this album was just a great escape for me. It helped me out a lot."


Foof (yes that is also his real name)

Led Zeppelin - III

"It has everything that rock and roll wants to be and even more. The album has a whole is perfect. It starts with one of the greatest rock songs of all time, By the fourth track you're listening to a 8 minute blues rock epic, with a body melting climatic guitar solo by Jimmy Page accompanied by the haunting howls of Robert Plant. From here the album takes a turn and goes into 2 lyrically driven acoustic rock/folk tracks, They have a personal feel that remind you of young love and good times. This album closes out with one of my favorite covers of all time. A slide heavy, eerie take of "Hats off to Roy Harper". It is perfection, I can throw it on any day of the week and just escape. 


Tool - Lateralus

"It's heavy but still melodic. The entire album is wrapped in recovery from start to finish. I can relate every aspect of my life to it; from resentments, to changing, to letting go and seeing what life has to offer. Love, death and everything in between."



The Roots - Phrenology

"When i first heard this album it just blew my mind. I was in tenth grade when it dropped and just felt like this album was made for me. It has everything I could ask for. Great musicality, amazing lyrics, a passion. It can get my dancing, get me hype, make me smile, make me cry, inspire me. This album and Black Thought just really speak to me."



The Miseducation of Lauren Hill

"It's sexy, its soulful, powerful and emotional. I first remember watching the doo-wop video and thinking "that chick is so cool." The album pushed the limits for me in terms of my exposure to hip hop but also the power of a female vocalist. Growing up my brother exposed to me lots of different genres of music but hip hop and r&b were always the ones I connected to most. When I heard this album I finally started figuring out what I loved and who I was."



Tool - AEnema


"This album is the definition of art. It can be interpreted in so many ways. Third eye opening the minds eye! This album is flawless."

That's all we got for now. Just a glimpe of what the Bee Team loves and why we love it. We are most interested to hear what you have to say. Leave you favorite album in the comments below.


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