Deadmau5 says "trust fund kids" Ruined his Miami Show. - Sticks up for the regular guys!

Posted on 03 January 2014

Joel Zimmerman wants us all to know he doesn’t abide so-called “trust fund kids.” On his Deadmau5 ‘Unhooked’ tour of North America, the producer stopped at Miami’s Mansion club for a New Year’s Day set that made for a frustrating start to 2014. His gripe? The VIPs texting in the front row. After making his anger known on Twitter, Zimmerman went into more detail during a chat with fans on his Deadmau5 Live site.

“I fucking reamed out my agent for making me deal with that,” he wrote. “Putting fans in the back and trust fund kids up front is fucking stupid as fuck.” As a result, he “won’t be playing any more Miami clubs.” Instead, Zimmerman said, “I’d rather rent a venue / parking lot / beachfront and fuckin’ do it right.”

Later on in the chat session, Deadmau5 declared, “RIP ‘Unhooked’ 2014.” He described the designation as “a nice way of saying [that] ’9 times out of 10, some asshole promoter is taking advantage of [his] brand/show to sell the fuck out of a show.’”

On the topic of “asshole promoters,” Zimmerman had harsh words for the organizers of his New Year’s Eve show at Nassau Coliseum in New York. After learning about the event – an 18-and-up show at which no alcohol would be served – and the venue’s shaky history with dance events, the Mau5 was less than thrilled. “Live Nation thought it would be an AWESOME idea to put ME there,” he wrote. Zimmerman continued, “I was like, ‘Okay, event’s already announced? Uhhh shit… Can’t cancel it.’ Cancelling a NYE show is a kiss of death.”

To sum up the Nassau Coliseum debacle, he wrote, ”Seriously, who the fuck does an event for NYE with no alcohol, and THEN makes it 18+. I swear someone’s getting hung.” (He added a quick “lol” for good measure.) He wrote, “It’s frustrating being held back by some dude’s BS. It’s the event producers and promoters giving [people] something to hate that’s beyond my control.”

The remedy for Zimmerman’s performance woes? “My own tour, my own venues, my own prices, my own policies,” he wrote in the chat. “Seriously, I just want to have great fuckin’ shows with great people, not deal with VIP bullshit, overcharging for fucked up shit, etc. etc.” This dream will soon become a reality, according to Mau5: “We’re trying our best to shoot for fall for the ‘big ass show’ project we’ve been working on for the past 2 years, but ABSOLUTELY worst case… spring 2015.”

“2014 had a seriously shaky start for me,” he reflected. “But that just means it’ll only get better I guess.”

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