Why Street Wear is Sexy

Posted on 12 December 2013

Fashion is an interesting thing. It is constantly evolving. It is an art form that will exist as long as people have the need to wear clothes. Like all art, fashion is another form of expression, and the beauty of it lies within that statement.

Fashion can be categorized. There is a time and a place for everything, what we wear is depends on whatever event we are attending.

With that being said, that is the reason that street wear is so cool. It is omnipotent, because it is what we wear when we are just doing our own thing. We wear street clothes when we are just being ourselves. Times are changing, and formal wear is less and less required on our occupation, but for the most part, street wear is still the genre that we are free to be ourselves.

Let's take a look at some recent street wear looks.

I dig this outfit. Skirts are tough to match with street outfits, but this look really pulls that off. Some heeled out kicks and a beanie, turn an elegant formalized skirt into a dope ass outfit.


You just cant go wrong with Chuck Taylors. Combined with a simple black and white outfit, these chucks put the outfit together perfectly. Most people stick with simple and bold colors, they are easy and always a safe bet. This outfit really takes the simple black and white color scheme and adds some favor to it.



Again, the beautiful thing about chucks as that they have the ability to cross over. These classic black and white all stars give this formal outfit the relaxed look it deserves. You could wear this outfit out to a night club, and at the same time where this outfit to a formal work party.


Of course we had to give a shout out to Jordan's. Entire clothing lines are based upon matching shirt colors with the latest Jordan kicks that are about to drop. Jordan's are arguably the most successful street wear sneaker line there has ever been. This pic is a perfect example of matching color's of Jordan's with he rest of the outfit. The pants, shirt, and hats are all based around the design of the Jordan's. Michael Jordan hit the jackpot with this shit.


These are just a few examples as to why street wear lines do so well. They mix style and comfort like no other genre can. Most importantly, remember that you don't have to spend tons of money to look good. Most street brands are very affordable. What is most important is that you wear what makes you feel good. You are the only one who knows what you like, so be sure to stay true to yourself.

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