The heartbeat of the universe

Posted on 25 July 2019

The heartbeat of the universe
 There have been many debates about how the universe came to be. What God or none God created this magical life we live in. Are we the only planet with life? Are there other lifeforms in other galaxies and universes? At the end of the day your beliefs are your beliefs. People should respect your own personal beliefs and you in return should respect there's whether we agree with them or not. 

One thing i think we can all agree on
Music is the universal language to everyone and every being. Music is the heartbeat of existence. What do i mean by this? No matter what age, sex, religion, creed or hell no matter what species you are music moves your body. From a 18-35 year old at the club dancing the night away. The 90 year old man/women who still breaks it down when their favorite song comes on from childhood. From the unborn child in her mothers stomach who moves when played music, From the new born child who bounces around to their favorite disney movie tune or even to the multiple animals who rock out to music when they hear it. No matter who or what we are music moves us and bring us together. Music expresses our feelings when we can't. Music brings us joy, sadness, energy, euphoria, and many more emotions whether good or bad. It speaks to our soul. You can take two people who hate each other and play a song they both happen to love and watch enemies sing together. Music can break that awkward silence around someone you're just getting to know. MUSIC IS THE HEARTBEAT OF THIS UNIVERSE.
Something new we started to do last year with New Lyfe Clothing. We started to sponsor people in recovery living their dreams. Below is a Linkin Park type band we sponsor called Gutter Souls. All members in the group have multiple years clean & sober. If that genre of music is appealing to you below is an image of there newest album released this February. If you click the image or button below the image you can listen to all 3 of their albums for free on spotify. Support clean & sober individuals living their dreams!

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