Staying young is key to happiness

Posted on 03 March 2020

Age is just a number right?

Well yes and no. I think age matters. I mean if you're 90 years old it's hard to stay young but it is still possible depending on your mindstate. Now what i will agree with is nowadays i have seen plenty of 50-60 year olds be able to run circles around twenty years olds. Maybe you haven't but i have seen plenty who can. We are living in a time where staying young is more possible than ever before with all the new technology.  

I bring this topic up because being in the rooms i have seen way too many 40-60 year old people come in and say what's the point of getting clean and sober my life is already over. Man are they wrong. Flipside of this coin is i have also seen people that old come in the rooms and stick around for 20-30 years and turn their lives into an amazing ending story full of happiness. It is never too late to get clean and sober. There is no age limit. 

What i have found and personally seen in my 32 years of being on this Earth is age is 100% a mindset. I have seen people between 40-60 be miserable and think life sucks. I have seen people in this age range say i can't do (insert young thing) because i am too old. This is all complete bullshit. From what i have seen is the people in this age range who go out and do what most consider young things have more fun and become happier. From what i have seen doing young things brings a lot of life back to them as well. Think about seeing someone 40-60 playing let's say paintball? Or Basketball? Going to concerts? Etc etc you get the point.

No Matter what your age is don't let people tell you what you can and can not do. Just go enjoy life and have fun. Stay Young Forever!

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