Party at 8and9 with The Lox

Posted on 11 February 2017

I had an idea...

I do a weekly vlog on my YouTube Channel. I post a lot of videos about business and internet marketing for my online marketing company.

My vlog has always been a creative way for me to use video to tell stories. I enjoy it. I never really promoted them because I always figured that it was just a personal project for me to have fun and be creative.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the New Lyfe crew would really enjoy them.

I'll start at the beginning. Here is my first vlog that I created. I went to a party with my friends at 8and9 Clothing. They are so cool and they have really helped me build New Lyfe and teach me about the clothing industry.

They work very closely with The Lox, who is a legendary hip hop ground. We had a great time and I did my best to tell a good story. I hope you check it out.

BTW - I attended a live podcast called Drink Champs. Please don't get all up in arms that I attended a party where people were drinking. I live my life!

Watch the video below.

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