Only God Can Judge Me

Posted on 22 July 2020

Only God Can Judge Me!

You wanna talk about contriveriousy say this in front of most people and you might start world war 3! lol

Whether you believe in GOD or not too me it doesn't matter. You can still relate to this saying just replace the word GOD or for GOD say Good Orderly Direction if it makes you feel better. Or instead of GOD group of drunks lol.

Regardless of that and if you believe or not. In today's society it seems people care more than ever what other people think of them, or if people judge them.

I find especially for us addicts and alcoholics that we like to forget that what we went through isn't the norm. Society will always judge us even if we have been clean 10-20 years it is what it is. A lot of times we let these words, mistrust and opinions affect us in a negative way. We tend to take these assaults on us to heart instead of remembering most of society's regular people just don't understand the disease of addiction. 

For me at least i have realized i don't care about what anybody's opinion about me is. Only god can judge me period. If you don't believe in GOD let me relate this in a way for you guys to understand. As long as in your heart you know your a good person doing the right thing and you go to sleep fine at night. That is all that matters. Self acceptance is key! 

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