How to Keep Your Cool Card When You Get Sober

Posted on 04 April 2017

I am not kidding you.

When I was getting sober, my absolute biggest fear was that I was going to be boring. The truth is, I thought of myself as a boring person. When I got a few of that magic dust in me, I could be the person I always wanted to be.

I felt cool. 

Getting into recovery does not mean you need to turn into an antisocial weenie. The weird kid in the corner is never as hot as it looks in the movies, especially when the weird kid in the corner is you. (Meaning me)

Getting sober is cool. It may not seem like it, but after a little bit you will agree. Here why.

There's Nothing Cooler Than Having Your Shit Together

It's true.

I'm going to give you two scenarios, you tell me which one sounds cooler?

First, there's Tim. Tim lives in a shanty apartment, he bounces around from job to job and finds work around the neighborhood. Tim get's money and immediately spends it on dope. Tim likes a girl but the girl has no interest in dating Tim because Tim is going nowhere in life.

Then there's Bryan. Bryan has 6 years sober. Bryan has a great job and he worked his way up to a good salary. Bryan shows up on time. Bryan dresses nice and is always in a good mood because he isn't stressing about bills and rent and car insurance. He travels and takes his girlfriend out to eat on the weekends.

You tell me.

By having your shit together, you automatically up your cool points by default.

Rock the Fu*K Out

Music is your friend. Music will get you through the dark days and it will accentuate up the good days.

There is nothing more liberating and nothing more human than attending live music events with friends or creating music with other people or even by yourself.

Yeah I know, I'm the weirdo who goes to concerts by myself.

Never, ever in your entire life, be afraid to lose your mind and dance alone in your living room to your favorite song.

Instant cool points.

Be Loyal To Those Who Matter Most

As I've gotten older, I realized that there are only a handful of people whose opinions I actually care about. This has been an important realization for me, and it's one that I hope you discover as well.

We all want people to like us. The irony is that the less we care about what other people think, the more attractive we become. We become free to be the person that we were meant to be, and those that love us for who we are will automatically be more drawn in.

You see, it's one thing to be cool, it's another thing for your wife or your husband or your kids to think you're cool.

As long as my little sister, my best friends, and a special someone thinks I'm cool, then I'm a happy camper.

So it all comes full circle

You thought you were going to learn how to play guitar and pick up girls or find a hot boyfriend. Nope...

If those things are what you desire, then recovery can get them for you. My hunch is that you will soon discover that what really matters is what lies within the mind, body, and spirit.

Stay cool fam. Pick up some gear below.

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  • Jaime Kerr: June 05, 2017

    Thanks for this! A year and 4 days sober. I’m HELLA not boring, I’ve discovered. I laugh with my whole heart these days, not from an uncomfortable numbed out place. Kinda like the fresh sky after a rain, that’s how music feels currently. Keep up the good work!

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