Always Do Your Best #MondayMotivation

Posted on 05 February 2017

Hey squad,

This week we are going to focus on doing our best.

In everything we do, we should be doing the best we can. Sure, some days are easier than others but the point is that if we pay attention to detail and we strive for excellence in all things, it is almost certain that we will achieve our goals.

Just think of all the corners that we cut during the course of the day. We don't always have to be working on some grand project. The little things are usually where I can find myself slacking off. I make spelling mistakes in emails, or I'll leave the gym before doing that last set of abs that I hate. It's that little bit extra that makes the difference between winning and losing.

These little moments where we take our time and we double check our work is truly where we can separate ourselves from the rest of the pack.

This Week's Mission

Do your absolute best in every aspect of your life.

No matter how big or how small the job is, be sure that you are striving for excellence. You are in control of your life. So act like it!

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