Faith in Humanity Restored - For the Moment

Posted on 06 November 2013

Generally, I am pretty cynical. My friends will tell you that I am a nice guy, but I have my moments of hating the world, and most people in it. Who doesn't really? Sometimes, it gets difficult to see past the ugliness of the world.

However, every once in a while, people come through with simple acts of kindness, and reassure me that people are, by their nature. Good.

The truth is, my man Keith, will never forget this moment. I still remember what it feels like to score a goal in lacrosse and celebrate and have people say something to me the next day in the halls. Moments like these are what make life worth living. Through the mundane, the struggle, the stress and heartbreak that life brings... there is joy. It is important to never forget this, and to appreciate joy whenever we can.

Thanks Keith.

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