Amalie Shares Beautiful Pictures Of Anorexia Recovery That Should Give Girls Hope

Posted on 28 August 2015


Addiction can come in many forms.

Amalie is proof of that. She is also living proof that recovery will showcase a beautiful transformation in people.

Amalie is a food blogger who has openly come forward about her struggles and her recovery from anorexia.

The Scandinavian beauty has documented her recovery through her Instagram account. Her pictures show first hand the real struggles and hardships that women with eating disorders have to battle. More importantly, they show that recovery is possible and worth it! Amalie showed amazing strength and perseverance in her battle with anorexia, and her Instagram account is evidence of that.

Amalie's journey is going viral. Just recently she has been published on major news outlets such as the NY post.


Amalie is quoted to say...

"I just wanted to disappear. My eating disorder was never about looking like a model, it was a way to cope. I made bizarre rules for myself about what I allowed myself to eat, when, where — even what spoon to use. These rules made me feel safe and in control. But I had lost control, and the obsessive need for control controlled me in every way.”

I really relate to this. It isn't easy to openly talk about addiction. Although I get messages people who claim that they appreciate what I do, there is still a feeling of vulnerability involved. You are open for people to judge you.

For this reason I think it's extremely honorable what Amalie is doing. I hope that other girls who are struggling see this and it gives them a more healthy perspective on beauty and health.

I respect anyone who is willing to share their pain with the world in hopes that it can help someone else.

Much respect Amalie! Keep at it girl!


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