Why It's Great To Be Young And Sober

Posted on 17 August 2015

It's not easy. If someone tells you that sobriety is easy, they are lying.

Here's the deal. It's not an everyday struggle like it used to be. These days after I have built some clean time my thoughts about drinking or using are few and far between, but they do happen. Family vacations, sports events, weddings - they all bring up thoughts and fantasies about enjoying a tasty cold beer. Even worse, sometimes I still fantasize about going on a 4-day coke run. It happens.

Here is what I have learned. Being young and sober is way more fun than being young and dope sick. I feel privileged. I feel as if I have been given a gift that fills me with a sense of purpose and gratitude. How many people can say that?

To be young and to be in recovery should be celebrated. This is what New Lyfe Clothing is all about. We are young and we are sober and we are free to do anything we want in life. We are bound by nothing, and that is so exciting.

We want to play our part in creating some identity for people who are young and sober. We want to create a brand and a culture behind it because let's be honest... many people still don't understand what it is we go through. Many people still think that we just needed to "grow up" or "get our act together." Maybe that is true for some people, but kids I talk to every day, we all share that common bond of suffering and battle and triumph.

It's better this way. It just is.

To be young and to be sober is not a curse or something that we should be ashamed of. In reality, our recovery has made us stronger. We are better people for have gone through what we did. We were able to come out the other end with a willingness to change and to help people.

We are the future. My generation is changing the world, and to stand up and do something different when everyone else is telling you to blend in with the crowd is exceptional. 

"Can't fight against the youth. Cuz' we're strong, and we're rude rude people." - Sublime

Just because everyone else drinks, does not mean that you have to. Be yourself! Be unique! Be whatever the fuck you want because life is short and when it's over I don't want to be looking back with a list of "should haves." I want to look back with a list of what I have done, not what I wish I had done.

Enjoy your life. Enjoy being young and being sober and celebrate the fact that you have made it this far. There is a great big world waiting for you! Go get it.


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