The Message Behind "Menace To Sobriety"

Posted on 13 August 2015

At first glance, this design may seem counter-intuitive.

Many people see the phrase "Menace to Sobriety" and they assume that we are claiming anti sobriety. I can see how people feel that way, but that certainly isn't what we were going for.

To be blunt, we simply thought it was a cool play on words to Menace to Society!

menace to sobriety

The New Lyfe Crew aren't your average Joe's. We are individuals and rebels at heart. We are fans of rebellion and disruption and we never saw these personality traits as bad things.

Disruption is a natural part of human progression. Without people who are willing to go their own route, the world would always stay the same and we would never get to see or hear new ideas or new perspectives.

iPhones, human rights movements and even sobriety itself is a form of disruption. In a world where most people are trying to put labels on you and trying to categorize you into a certain category, it is important to stay who you are.

When we say Menace to Sobriety, we aren't saying that we are against it. We are simply saying that sobriety within itself is a way for you to keep your individuality. Combining positive healthy lifestyle with anti-conformity is the message behind this design.

It makes sense to us, and we believe it makes sense to our following because this design has been and will most likely continue to be one of our most popular designs.

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