Designing An Outfit For the Original Gangster Tee!

Posted on 14 April 2015

One of our more well known designs is the Original Gangster Tee. In this design we put a twist on the iconic founder of AA... Bill Wilson. 

In our quest to bring #drugfreefashion into mainstream, we want to give a couple pointers to put an outfit together for this design. We don't want you walking out of the house with plaid cargo shorts and flip flops, so we are doing the work for you. We matched some pants and kicks together to match this t-shirt. Before you know it you'll be walking the street feeling confident in your outfit. You're a sober bad ass!


Slim Fit Jeans By Levi

No one said you had to drop $500 on a pair of Versace jeans. Levi makes great jeans and you can find them at Target, Macy's or my personal preference - Zappos. The Levi's 551 Slim Fit are the perfect denim for this outfit. Although I am not a fan of super skinny jeans, the slim fit jeans are a great option.

They are slim enough that they are form fitting and fit into the modern fashion trends, but they have enough space that they won't be all up your business (if you know what I mean). 

Black and White Chucks - With A Twist

The Street Chuck All Star's are a slight variation of your standard All-Star Chuck Taylors. Everyone loves the classic High Top Converse All Stars, but for this outfit we wan't to try something a little different. These Street Chucks will still give that classic Converse feel, while adding a little bit of variety.

These sneakers can essentially be worn as slip ons. You tie them once, and once your find the comfortable fit, you can just slip them on and off. These sneakers will pull your outfit together perfectly!

Simple Yet Classic

This outfit is simple and sticks with a black and white color scheme. No matter what, don't be afraid to experiment with other cuts and colors, but when in doubt, I always go back to black!

You are your own person, and what you wear is an extension of who you are. 

Keep it classy my friends! Till next time.


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