Expansion Of Our Women's Line

Posted on 09 April 2015

I've said it before... we really never expected New Lyfe to take off the way it has. Everyday I ship out orders and receive emails and I am filled with gratitude.

Admittedly, I may have gotten in over my head.

Men's t-shirts are easier than women's. Women's fashion just has so many different cuts, lengths, bust sizes and styles. Not to mention the trends for women's fashion seem to change a lot more. I have spent a lot of time over the last month trying to figure out exactly what it is that women are into these days. If I ever figure that out, I should get a medal. (help please?)

With that being said, you will see many different cuts of clothing for our women's line. I have stuck to the simple tight t-shirt layout for some time. It makes my life easy, but I have gotten so many emails asking about different cuts for women. So here goes...

Bringing Classy Back

I have always thought this was a great shirt. In my mind, Jackie Kennedy personifies perseverance with style and class. She is a great public figure, and luckily she makes a great shirt design. You can expect to see this in the near future.

Becoming Fashion Icons

In the beginning for us, design and message always came first. We just wanted to create something that would speak a message through designs. Simple t-shirt cutouts seemed the easiest way to go.

Now... we are taking it up a notch. We are going to really incorporate fashion trends into our designs. There is no reason why recovery has to be boring. Let's be innovative. Let's bring a little bit of hope and positively to a fashion world that riddled with vein and superficial ideas.

It Starts NOW!!!

Keep an eye out people. Recovery is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. I say it's time to celebrate positivity instead of being shameless of our past!!



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