New Lyfe's Top 5 Greatest TV Scenes of All Time

Posted on 14 May 2014

5 - Tony and Carmella Finally Have it Out (The Sopranos)

I remember watching this scene with my mother. After it was over we both looked at each other like whooooaaahhhhhh. All the things they wanted to say to each other finally came out. Tony and Carmella were a vortex. They couldn't be with each other, they couldn't leave it other.

At it's core, The Sopranos was always about Tony, Carmella and their family. This scene essentially wrapped up the entire show for me. I was happy to see Carmella finally stick up for herself.


4 - Hershel Get's the Chop (The Walking Dead)

I screamed out loud when this happened. I jumped and fell over on the floor in agonizing pain, then screamed at the television some more during the final 20 minutes of battle. The scene is constructed so beautifully. Long story short - Hershel was always the glue that held Rick together. Hershel kept hope alive, and reminded Rick daily that people need people, and that love is not lost.

To hear those words come from Rick, meant so much to Hershel, which is why you can see him give a glimmer of a smile. Hershel realized at that final moment, that Rick had finally understood what Hershel has been trying to teach him. Then... the Governor cut his head off and the final 20 minutes of the episode are a sit on the edge of your seat blood curling battle between the two clans. Daryl did blow up a tank though which was extremely bad ass.


3 - Walter White Meets his Demise (Breaking Bad)

Although I never got into Breaking Bad that much, I truly appreciated its series finale. It was probably the best conclusion of any show. Series finales are notoriously hard and often leave us wanted more. These final moments of Walter White were perfect.

In the moment prior, Walter gave his life to save Jesse, whom he constantly manipulated throughout the entire show. It was an unusual moment for Walter White, who was very good at looking after his best interests. The show ends with him saying one last goodbye to what he loved most. The song "baby blue" playing in the back round giving tribute to his Blue Sky meth which was his greatest accomplishment. R.I.P Walter 


2 - The Red Fucking Wedding (Game of Thrones)

The Red Wedding is the most fucked up 9 minutes of television ever created. Just as the Starks looked like they were finally getting ahead of the curve, shit truly hits the fan. The beauty of The Red Wedding, was that no one saw it coming.

I lost sleep over this scene. I watched it with a group of friends and I felt sick afterwards. I quite literally walked out the door and didn't say a word to anyone. This scene did however provide the best reaction compilation on the web.

When Grey Wind was killed (the dire wolf) I wanted to cry. I may have cried. I drove home that night and felt sick to my stomach. After everyone and their mother gets hacked to pieces, the scene ends with a fade to black, with no music. Just silence.

1 - Rita Bathes in Blood (Dexter)

I will be the first to admit, the last few seasons of Dexter fell off a bit. However, I hold true that season 4 of Dexter is the scariest, most intense, most captivating season of television ever created. John Lithgow plays The Trinity Killer, and he was amazing. He was so damn creepy and terrifying. 

Season 4 ends with Dexter finally killing Trinity. Dexter learned so much from Trinity and gained some closure in finally surpassing his mentor. In coming to terms with what he his, and with what his purpose on earth is. With coming to terms with what he believes. Right before Dexter puts a hammer through Trinity's skull, Trinity whispers the words "it's already over."

Little did Dexter know, Trinity had already killed Rita. To Dexter's suprise he comes home to his son Harrison, sitting in a pool of blood. Just as Dexter did.

No episode has ever left me as speechless as this. Season 4 of Dexter was the shit, and in a weird way, I always related to Dexter is his search for purpose. 

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