Lake Street Dive Killer Street Performance

Posted on 15 March 2014

This video was posted a little while ago, so maybe some of you have seen it already. As most of you know the #beeteam is road tripping to Bonnaroo this year, so I've been digging around the inter web finding music of artists I don't know much about.

Somewhere along the line I stumbled across this video. This has turned into one of those video's that I watch over and over again.

This band is actually really interesting. They all went to the New England Conservatory of Music together. A conservatory is a school that studies only one thing, so pretty much these four did nothing but study music their whole lives.

I think it's so cool because you can tell when people are just sick musicians. It's not like they're some kids that bought guitars and drums and played music in their mom's basement. These 4 know basically everything there is to know about music and it shows.

I have been trolling around the Tube of You's listening to them, and I gotta say they are at the top of my list of bands to watch at Bonnaroo. It's just amazing what music can do. Their timing is perfect, the singer Rachael Price has such a smooth smokey voice. They harmonize perfectly and you can also tell they love playing together.

We don't see too many bands like this any more. No production, no gimmicks and stage props. Just a trumpet, and snare drum with symbol, and stand up base and a pretty voice - on the street corner - creating something fucking beautiful. Music is awesome.

Here's some more performances of them.

Lake Street Dive on David Letterman

Lake Street Dive on Colbert Report

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